Road trucking / container haulage services

We provide road transportation services such as container haulage within the entire East ,Central and Southern African region.

Please do contact us for all your dry , perishable and dangerous goods cargo transportation services that our professional trained and experienced team will efficiently handle , transport and deliver with care.

We also can handle the transportation of bulky and out or normal size items, such as factory equipment , generators , equipment for Oil rigs etc. that we move on our low loader trailers, with escort and clearances from all the concerned authorities.

Our Mission

Kampala Uganda.
Uganda: P.O. Box 12472, Uganda Plot 27 Ntinda view Crescent, Naguru.
Telephone: +256 785175120
Fax: +256 414286148
Tanzania: P.O. Box 12212, Sun park Estate no G1-1 Njiro Arusha.
TELEPHONE: +255 784818202

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